BioBran MGN-3

Complementary therapy for conventional cancer treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

BioBran MGN-3 – Complementary therapy for conventional cancer treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

BioBran is a healthy nutritional supplement which is made up of rice bran after enzymatic activity. BioBran contains an abundant amount of short-chain polysaccharides. It consists of a shiitake mushroom enzyme, which plays a vital role in the absorption. It is associated with multiple health benefits. The other essential ingredient is Arabinoxylan, and it is a sugar that promotes the immune system.

BioBran is useful food nutritional supplement that is formulated to provide optimum support to cardiovascular and immune health. In 1992 Daiwa Pharmaceutical Japan has developed BioBran. The BioBran is a patented product, and it contains a unique blend of hemicellulose nutrient. BioBran is associated with multiple health benefits. BioBran has worldwide popularity due to its clinical significance.

BioBran has shown clinically proven results, and due to natural and non-toxic components, it has no reported side effects.

Research studies have revealed that regular consumption of BioBran dietary supplement can not only strengthen the immune system but also provide prevention against various clinical complications. The mode of action of the BioBran supplement is dependant on multiple factors. Such as age, health status, clinical history, and other health complications.


Product Features

  • 100% natural product;
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed;
  • Patented product;
  • Nontoxic components;
  • Clinically proven results;
  • Suitable for men and women;
  • Potent ingredients;
  • Highest quality and purity;
  • No reported side effects;
  • Non-GMO product;
  • No artificial components;


Side effects

BioBran is clinically tested, and it has proved to be one of the effective dietary supplements. There are no reported side effects of BioBran due to its natural ingredients and patented formula.



Although it is safe for men and women as well as children. However, there is insufficient research about BioBran in pregnancy. Therefore it is suggested that females should avoid it during pregnancy and breastfeeding


Health Benefits of BioBran MGN-3

  • Immune functions

BioBran primary function is boosting immune functions, and it acts as an immunomodulator. Research studies have reported that BioBran enhances natural antibody production.

  • Anticancer properties

BioBran is famous for possessing anti-cancer properties. It has been reported by numerous research studies that BioBran possesses active anti-cancer properties.

  • AIDS

BioBran has also been found effective against AIDS. However, further in-depth research is required to explore which ingredient in BioBran is responsible for treating AIDS.

  • Antiinflammatory properties

BioBrans possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties, and it can prevent various inflammatory responses.

  • Anti-bacterial properties

BioBran has also been found effective against bacterial infections, which confirms its anti-bacterial properties.

  • Non Toxicity

BioBran is nontoxic due to the presence of natural and non-toxic ingredients.

  • Hepatitis

According to various studies it has also found that BioBran can be effectively used against treating hepatitis and other viral infections.

  • Diabetes

Multiple studies have reported that BioBran is a beneficial dietary supplement for diabetic patients, and it has a significant role in lower blood sugar levels.

  • Other benefits

BioBran is also associated with lowering the adverse effects of radiation as well as the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

  • Non-GMO product

BioBran is a gluten-free, non-GMO dietary supplement, and it does not contain any harmful ingredients.

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