About us


Our mission is to re-discover nature’s magical healing powers by offering you traditional Bulgarian herbal remedies, used by our ancestors over the centuries, to help heal your body and soul.

Why we do what we do

While meeting the demands of our busy lives, we have unnoticeably distanced ourselves from nature, its beauty and powers. We, the team at Bulgar Herbs, are inspired by nature’s magical healing qualities, which have long been explored by our ancestors. We are pleased to offer you our Bulgarian herbal recipes, used over the centuries to help treat and alleviate various health-related conditions and illnesses.  

Curious to know…..?

Bulgaria is a land, naturally rich in herbs and plants, used for both medicines and in food preparation. The country is the largest exporter of remedial herbs. As the country’s economy has grown since the fall of communism, its dynamics have put pressure on the traditional lifestyle. The use of herbs, in particular, has however been always rooted in the local mindset. Both young and old still trust the power of these Bulgarian natural herbal remedies over conventional medicine.

During the communist regime, people were only allowed to collect small quantities of herbs for sale in the local markets and for personal use. Herbs were not collected on a larger scale as they are today. The development of privatization has since fostered the growth of the herbal industry and several herb companies opened up across the country. The high unemployment rate at the time meant that there was an excess of unskilled labor, available to be used in the picking and collection of herbs.

Since Bulgaria’s entry into the EU, stricter regulations for herb producers throughout the country were imposed. The EU and the Bulgarian government have been helping to provide funds to promote organic farming. 90% of all organic food including herbs and spices produced in Bulgaria is exported to developed countries.

What we do

We produce supplements, made of herbs growing wild in the heights of some of the most ecological areas in Bulgaria: the Rhodopes, Rila, and Pirin mountains. They are 100% free of artificial substances. Our supplements are consumed for the treatment of various diseases and conditions:

  • high cholesterol
  • low and high blood pressure
  • stress or panic attacks
  • diabetes
  • weight problems
  • metal fatigue or other mental disorders
  • impotence
  • coughs and colds
  • hormonal disbalances
  • diseases associated with the kidney and the prostate
  • hemorrhoids
  • constipation and many others.

We are passionate about delivering natural products with the highest quality ingredients, which are environmental, animal, and fair-trade friendly.

How we do it

Bulgar Herbs Limited has an established network for purchasing herbs from the most ecological regions in Bulgaria. The herbs, which we use for the production are not cultivated. They grow wild without human intervention. These herbs are picked and collected and then shipped to the production center. There, the herbs go through a natural process. They are dried, made into powder, and rolled into tablets using a substance called Inulin. Inulin is a soluble dietary fiber extracted exclusively from chicory root.