Organic Bitter Apricot Seeds Powder – The best source of Vitamin B17

Light brown in color, apricot kernel powder has a fine texture. It is used in natural cosmetics to prepare scrubs for the face and for the body. On the body, its granular texture has an exfoliating effect: it eliminates dead cells and restores radiance to the skin (to be tried on the hardest part of the foot). Apricot kernel powder is the perfect gift for home-made cosmetics professionals who want to learn how to prepare more complex exfoliating creams and gels.
Apricot kernel powder contains amygdalin, known as vitamin B17. This vitamin is one of the highly controversial vitamins, especially with its ability to fight cancer, supported by some and others lie.
Vitamin B17 has arrived in some countries to ban its consumption because the risk of consuming it is great, yet it is still used in some cancer treatment programs.
Vitamin B17 has been tested since 1845 in therapy to fight cancer. Its main action would come from the composition of its molecules, which contain hydrogen cyanide. According to laetrile defenders, this cyanide is assimilated very little by our cells which could not extract it, due to the lack of an enzyme, beta-glucosidase, necessary for the operation. However, our cells have only a tiny amount of this enzyme. Hydrogen cyanide would therefore hardly be released and would not exhibit toxicity during low consumption of vitamin B17.
It was during World War II that Dr Krebs, father and son, hypothesized that cancer was caused by vitamin deficiency. So, they looked for what might be missing in our modern diet and isolated a compound they named vitamin B17. This substance seems to be part of the diet that our distant ancestors followed while it is almost absent from ours.
The use of apricot kernel powder helps reduce or reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body, because these seeds contain a chemical known as amygdalin (Vitamin B17). This material is converted into another substance called cyanide (Cyanide), which is toxic, as it was believed that this material damage only in cancer cells.
Many people are looking for apricot kernel powder to treat cancer. There are no scientific studies that prove the benefits of apricot kernel powder for cancer so far. Rather, it is limited to some gossip and stories of personal experiences. The US Food and Drug Administration does not approve the use of apricot seeds or any medications such as Laetrile in the treatment of cancer.
The first use of apricot kernel powder as a cancer treatment dates back to 1845 by two Russian chemists. Then physician Ernst Krebs claimed powder extracted from apricot seeds to achieve results for treating cancer patients in the United States in the 1920s. But the toxicity of this treatment was later proven.
The idea associated with the use of apricot kernel powder in the treatment of cancer to contain the chemical compound Magdalen (in English: Amygdalin or vitamin B17). Which is believed to destroy cancer cells inside the body. But in fact, cyanide is in this chemical is toxic to all cells of the body, because it prevents cells from using oxygen. And it greatly affects the heart and brain, because of their high need for oxygen.
Again, Vitamin B17 is broken down into three interrelated elements: glucose, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.
Vitamin B17 molecules are particularly known for their action on cancer cells. This is because cancer cells contain a large amount of an enzyme called beta-glucosidase. The latter acts on vitamin B17 according to the following process:
• It first releases hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde.
• The two molecules will then act together to destroy the cancer cell (s).
• Despite the lack of scientific studies to date, vitamin B17 could represent one of the completely natural anti-cancer therapies.
It is believed that its use will increase the level of energy in the body, improve its health, rid it of toxins, and prolong life. It is used either by taking it as a pill, injection, cream, or liquid placed in the anus.
The medical use of apricot seeds is mostly centered in the treatment of cancer, but it has other medical benefits, which have not been studied extensively due to warnings related to its use, including the following:
• Helping promote digestive health.
• Helping promote growth and cell renewal.
• Help control cholesterol level.
• Helping to increase a person’s energy level.
• Help protect the skin.
• Helping to strengthen the heart.
• Helping to boost the immune system.
• Help soothe respiratory distress.
Unfortunately, one of the various scientific studies noted that Apricot kernel powder is converted to the toxic substance in the stomach and then transmitted to all parts of the body, which may harm human health.

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