health benefits of apricot seeds

Тhe most common health benefits of apricot seeds

One of the most common health benefits of apricot seeds is that they treat cancer diseases. There is a substance in these seeds, after grinding them, used in the manufacture of chemical medicines and all medicines that treat cancer patients, and they combat and destroy them. There are some substances and minerals in apricot seeds involved in preparing medicinal treatments to eliminate cancer, including glycosides. This substance consists of toxic cyanide and vitamin B17, which help destroy cancer cells and limit their incidence, and there are many minerals that destroy cancer in these apricot seeds. These seeds also contain hydrocyanic acid that effectively breaks down tumors Malignant carcinomas, especially liver cancer tumors, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and cervical cancer, so you can protect your body from the dreaded cancer risk by grinding apricot seeds and adding them to a fruit salad dish.
Numerous studies have proven that the apricot kernel has powerful benefits and has been linked to cancer treatment, and its first use as a cancer treatment in the United States dates back to the 1920s. Dr. Ernst T. Krebs claimed that he used oils extracted from apricot kernels to achieve “substantial results” for people with cancer, but the treatment was found to be highly toxic for general use, and his son later discovered a safer and nontoxic compound in the 1950s. Apricot kernels also contain the chemical compound amygdalin “vitamin B17”, which has been previously linked to cancer-fighting claims. Krebs’ son claimed that a lack of vitamin B17, which is found in apricot seeds, causes cancer and that eating it will stop the growth of cancer cells.
Another theory suggests that because amygdalin is converted into cyanide in the body, cyanide destroys cancer cells inside the body and prevents tumors from growing, but it may lead to poisoning.
Another study, published in 2016, confirmed the effects of amygdalin on the growth of prostate cancer cells and found that a dose of the chemical showed significant anti-tumor activity.
Subsequent research and experiments found that the maximum acceptable dose of amygdalin through apricot kernels is 0.37 grams (or three small kernels) for adults. High doses can exceed the maximum acceptable dose and be toxic to adults. However, the majority of research and reviews have rejected claims that apricot seeds have cancer-fighting benefits.
Although they contain rich nutritional benefits that improve our heart and brain health, the use of apricot seeds as a natural treatment for cancer is still largely uncertain, and the presence of amygdalin within the seeds can have health effects. And taking it can lead to cyanide poisoning symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), and include: dizziness, headache, nausea, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, insomnia, general weakness, and high doses can damage the heart. Brain and nerves, and it may lead to death.
Cancer treatment or death?….. However, here are some facts that doctors have confirmed:
• Apricot seeds fight cancer cells, as the seeds contain a chemical compound called amygdalin, which is also found in the seeds of apple, peach, and plum.
• It is known that this substance contains a toxic substance, but the body can purify its toxicity if an appropriate amount is consumed.
• As for excessive intake of apricot seed powder or oils, it leads to the opposite result, as the body is affected by the toxic substance inside it, so a person begins to feel numbness in the extremities with dizziness, nausea, and a feeling of imbalance.
• Where doctors advise eating 10 grains of apricot seeds per day, for ordinary people, and for people with cancer, they should eat approximately 50 grains of apricot seeds, to eliminate cancer cells.
• Also, apricots are suitable for people with diabetes, as they contain a good percentage of sugars, which do not allow the level of sugar in the blood to rise, and it is characterized by its mildly sweet taste, which does not pose any danger to their health.
The appropriate dose of apricot seeds depends on several factors, such as age group, health status, and other factors. At present, there is not enough reliable scientific information that determines the safe amount of apricot seeds, so you have to keep in mind that natural products are not necessarily safe so that Always make sure to follow the relevant instructions included on the product label and consult your physician and pharmacist before use.
Many people resort to natural recipes as an effective alternative to expensive medicines and medical drugs, as they are a mixture of herbs with a wide range of healing properties, or materials that are extracted from the seeds of some fruits, such as the extract of the apricot kernel, which is rumored for its effective ability in treating cancer.
So talk to your doctor before starting any alternative cancer treatments.

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