Therapeutic Properties of BioBran MGN-3

Therapeutic Properties of BioBran MGN-3

Introduction and History

In 1992, Hiroaki Maeda manufactured and produced BioBran in Tokyo. He wanted to find out natural and organic phytonutrient functions for agriculture and humans and also about polysaccharides that are known to fortify the immune system substantially. He started working with Daiwa Pharmaceuticals two professors from Drew University (Los Angeles) helped him in the development of polysaccharides, i.e., Arabinoxylan and hemicelluloses.

These polysaccharides were later given the name BioBran MGN-3. Thus, it is defined as a food-based composite that is developed by breaching rice bran through a mushroom enzyme (Shitake). This compound has been clinically approved used as a dietary supplement for the stimulation of the immune system.


Therapeutic Properties of BioBran MGN-3

BioBran MGN-3 can:

  1. Improve Metabolism of Lipids

BioBran MGN-3 has cholesterol-lowering effects on the body by stopping cholesterol reabsorption in the gastrointestinal tract. It can also lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the body by increasing the production of bile from the liver.

  1. Improve Metabolism of Sugar

BioBran MGN-3 can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and can also alleviate the symptoms in patients with this autoimmune disorder. It can suppress the increased blood glucose levels, especially after eating, which results in less insulin demand by the body. Constant use of BioBran MGN-3 can stop the unexpected rise and fall in blood glucose levels, making it easy to manage and treat.

  1. Eliminate adverse Effects of Food

This is one of the prominent therapeutic properties of BioBran MGN-3. It tends to absorb and then eliminate the adverse and life-threatening components found in the digestive system. This food supplement can also inhibit the exfoliation of the mucosal layer in the gastrointestinal tract caused by any harmful lethal material. This product has proven to be beneficial in a significant reduction of bowel and colon cancer.

  1. Enhance and Augment Immune System

Since BioBran MGN-3 is a non-toxic polysaccharide, it can stimulate a weak immune system in a potent way than any other food supplement in the market. Many researchers have stated that this product is among the most prevailing immunomodulators they have ever worked on. BioBran MGN-3 can perform this function by producing natural cytokines (interferons and interleukins) in the body which helps in the destruction of viruses and rogue cells causing the immune system to become better by enhancing the functioning of T-cells, B-cells, and natural killer cells. BioBran is associated with multiple immune functions such as boosting immunity and preventing diseases.

  1. Increase Activity of Blood Cells

This compound is known to increase the overall activity of white blood cells and lymphocytes in the blood. With the help of this supplement, the activity of NK cells is amplified by 300 percent. Though the mode by which BioBran supplement is researched by many scientists believe that because it is a hemicellulose compound, it can increase the production of messenger proteins in the body and allow cells to interconnect. This phenomenon can facilitate the inhibition of virus and cancer cell proliferation through the throttling of the immune system.

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