Organic Dried Linden Flower (Flores Tilia) 1 Oz. | Natural organic herbal products from Bulgaria

Organic Dried Linden Flower (Flores Tilia) 1 Oz.

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Product description

How does it work?

Used for:

Colds, cough, high temperature, fever, urinary system diseases, rheumatism, nephritis, atherosclerosis. It has anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic and tonic, properties. Also used for respiratory tract diseases: bronchitis, angina, pneumonia.  

How to take:

2-3 cups of tea daily, also as a gargle or mouth rinse.  The product should be prepared by pouring 400 ml cup of boiling water over two tablespoons of linden flower, allowing to infuse for 10 minutes. For external use – pour 2 litres of boiling water over one 100g linden flower, for baths.