Nevrolax (nervous system, stress, panic attacks)

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500 mg, 120 tablets
How does it work?: 

Nevrolax is a herbal product for the nervous system. It is beneficial for the functioning of the nervous system. It has relaxing effect on conditions such as intense mental effort, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It provides successful treatment for many nervous system disorders such as neurosis, depression, apathy, anxiety, epilepsy and insomnia.


How and why was Nevrolax created?

There are many nutritional supplements and drugs for the treatment of the nervous system, but none of them have the beneficial effects on the body that the herbs in Nevrolax have. They have a favorable effect on the thyroid gland, on the central and peripheral nervous system, on the heart and circulatory system, on the peripheral blood vessels, on the vestibular system and on the overall body tone. It is believed that excessive use of antidepressants and psychotropic substances is very harmful and extremely undesirable. After some studies, it was established that the addiction to these drugs and their toxicity to the liver and kidneys is much greater than the temporary beneficial effect which they might have. In all cases, the work of the nervous system has to do with the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the sufficient blood flow to the brain, which is a matter not many people are aware of.


- 3 to 6 tablets a day after meals, the maintenance dose is 3 tablets a day. The favorable effect of Nevrolax on the nervous system in most cases occurs after the 3rd-4th day of intake, rarely after the 10th day. In order to achieve permanent results, it should be taken for a long period of time (at least 2-4 months).


St. John's wort 70 mg.
Chamomile 50mg.
Mint 40 mg.
Hmely 40mg.
Valerian 40mg.
Melissa 25 mg.
Oregano 25 mg.
Rose hips 15mg.
Lime 15mg.
Chili pepper 5mg.
Inulin 175mg.


The herbs which are used in Nevrolax are with certified origin and of the highest quality in Bulgaria. They were wildcrafted in unpolluted areas of Bulgaria: in the Rhodopes, the Balkans, Rila and Pirin mountains. They are easy to use by any patient The product does not contain preservatives, coloring agents or stabilizers.

Are there any undesired or side effects?: 

Nevrolax has no side effects. The product has been on the market for 10 years and is well tolerated. No overdosing with Nevrolax has been observed Nevrolax is harmless since it is an authentic natural product beneficial to your health. No dependency or toxic and allergic reactions have been observed


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