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Folican Plus (for treatment of anemia)

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500 mg , 120 tablets
Product description


How does it work?

Folican Plus improves the hematopoietic function of the body. It is very good to treat spring fever and weakness. Folican Plus is good for treating anemia and hemorrhages as well as all liver disorders.


- 3 to 6 tablets a day after meals, the maintenance dose is 2-3 tablets a day. The favorable effect of Folican Plus can be felt after the 2nd week of intake. In order to achieve permanent results, it should be taken for a long period of time (at least 2-4 months).


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The herbs which are used in Folican Plus are with certified origin and of the highest quality in Bulgaria. They were wildcrafted in unpolluted areas of Bulgaria: in the Rhodopes, the Balkans, Rila and Pirin mountains. They are easy to use by any patient. The product does not contain preservatives, coloring agents or stabilizers.

Are there any undesired or side effects?

Folican Plus has no side effects. The product has been on the market for 10 years and is well tolerated. No overdosing with Folican Plus has been observed. Folican Plus is harmless since it is an authentic natural product beneficial to your health. No dependency or toxic and allergic reactions have been observed.